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Hampiðjan’s flume tank session in Hirtshals  Presenting new technology and sharing opinions


Hampiðjan’s flume tank sessions in Hirtshals, testing and demonstrating different fishing gears, are a tradition that has grown over the last few decades. This year there will be a session in November, after a two-year break due to Covid. Participants will travel from Iceland on 29th November, returning on 3rd December.

The focus will be on checking out the latest innovations Hampiðjan has to offer in trawl gears, both demersal and pelagic.
Thyborøn Trawldoor will present the latest developments and Simberg will introduce the latest technology from Simrad. In between fishing gear demonstrations there will be lectures and presentations on related subjects. There will also be a trip to visit the Karstensen shipyard in Skagen.

These flume tank sessions are an ideal opportunity to share information and experiences about everything to do with fishing gear. Not least, the sessions provide a platform for people to meet face-to-face.

We expect strong interest in this year’s flume tank session, considering these have been suspended for the last two years.
For more information, contact  Einar P. Bjargmundsson, on +354 664 3360, or Magnús Guðlaugsson, on +354 664 3352,

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