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Hampiðjan celebrates 90th anniversary!


In 1934 Guðmundur S. Guðmundsson, engineer and foreman at engineering company Héðinn, took the initiative and brought together a dozen individuals to establish a company to manufacture twine and netting from hemp fibres. The primary reason for this was a shortage of materials for fishing gears.

Cosmos Trawl builds new netloft in Skagen


Cosmos Trawl is set to bolster its operations with the introduction of a new netloft facility in Denmark.

Hampidjan Group participates in Circularity Project nominated for Aquaculture Awards


Hampidjan Group, with all its subsidiaries, is a key participant in a project on circular product design that has achieved recognition as it is being named a finalist in the Aquaculture Awards 2024.

New Hákon to have controllable Thyborøn trawl doors


An order has been confirmed for a pair of fully controllable doors from Thyborøn for fishing company Gjögur, which operates pelagic vessel Hákon ThH-250.

Hampiðjan TorNet moves into new net loft in Las Palmas


Hampiðjan’s Spanish subsidiary, TorNet, is moving its activities to new premises in the port area of Las Palmas.

Positive participation in Hampiðjan’s flume tank session in Hirtshals


Hampiðjan’s annual flume tank trip to Hirtshals in Denmark took place at the end of November.

Ólöf Snæhólm Baldursdottir, Hampidjan’s New Communications Manager


Hampidjan has appointed Ólöf Snæhólm Baldursdóttir as the company’s new communications and marketing manager. One of 63 applicants for the post, Ólöf has already made a start in her new role.

Hampiðjan strengthens their ESG efforts by bringing on board ESG Director


Environmental, social, and governance considerations (ESG) has become increasingly important in the business and investment landscape. As a leading industry actor, Hampiðjan Group wishes to take a proactive role in fulfilling the company’s responsibilities to both people and the planet, as well as providing the tools and knowledge necessary for their customers to deliver on their ESG targets. The company has therefore decided to strengthen their ESG initiatives by bringing on board an ESG Director who will shape the company’s sustainability strategies and business practices.

Hampiðjan’s tank trip preparations in progress


Hampiðjan is preparing a session at the flume tank in Hirtshals in Denmark, taking place 28th November to 2nd December, during which a variety of fishing gears will be demonstrated and tested.

Hampiðjan‘s share offering


Reykjavík, Iceland, 24 May 2023 – Hampiðjan (the „Company“), a world leader in developing and servicing products for the fisheries, aquaculture and offshore industries, has published a Prospectus in relation to a public offering and listing on the Regulated Market of Nasdaq Iceland.

Business Award


Hampiðjan and CEO Hjörtur Erlendsson yesterday received the business award from trade publications Frjáls Verslun and Viðskiptablaðið

Great to be back at the flume tank after a long break


After a break of two years due to the Covid pandemic, it has at last been possible to reinstate Hampiðjan’s annual session at the flume tank in Hirtshals that took place at the beginning of this month.

Hampiðjan’s flume tank session in Hirtshals  Presenting new technology and sharing opinions


Hampiðjan’s flume tank sessions in Hirtshals, testing and demonstrating different fishing gears, are a tradition that has grown over the last few decades.

Trawl gear becomes BMW electric car components


Recycled trawl gear used in electric car production

New sales talent joins Hampiðjan


The latest recruit to the Hampiðjan team is Hróðmar Ingi Sigurðsson. His role will be to concentrate on sales of trawl doors and warps, as well as general fishing gear and related items.

Hampiðjan – business with Russia


Hampiðjan wholeheartedly condemns the Russian aggression in Ukraine and its ongoing action in the invasion of a democratic sovereign state.

Guðmundur Gunnarsson decorated with the Order of the Falcon


Guðmundur Gunnarsson, formerly Head of Development at Hampiðjan, has been decorated by President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson with the Order of the Falcon at a ceremony held at the Presidential residence of Bessastaðir, which took place today, 17th June 2022, Iceland’s National Day.

Starring role at IceFish awards


Hampiðjan played a central role at the industry awards, a key part of the IceFish exhibition which took place last week in Kópavogur.

Putting the emphasis on Dynice Optical Data netsounder cable


‘Exhibitions in general, and not least the event taking place here in Iceland, are highly important for Hampiðjan as meeting points, strengthening links with existing customers and establishing contact with new ones.

The Gulltoppur groundfish trawl


Hampiðjan’s Gulltoppur groundfish trawl is the result of extensive underwater research and development on board trawlers in Iceland that during the 1980s used 105-foot Mars and 90-foot Vestfirðingur trawls.

Hampiðjan’s new environmental director


Georg Haney has been appointed as the new environmental director at Hampiðjan, and he comes to the company after ten years of working wth fishing gear research at Iceland’s Marine and Freshwater Research Institute.

Keeping up with the twin-riggers


Síldarvinnslan’s freezer trawler Blængur has recently completed a trip in the Norwegian zone of the Barens Sea, and what attracted interest was that Blængur’s catch rates with its single trawl were not far behind those of the twin-rig trawlers on the same fishing grounds.

New shallow purse seine put through its paces


‘We started fishing of the Skarður shore and were off Alviðruhamrar when we called it a day and headed back to port. The catch was 1800 tonnes, taken in four shots.

Viðey’s perfectly-tuned Jagger


When he was ashore just after New Year, we spoke to Kristján E. Gíslason, who skippers Viðey RE-50 opposite Jóhannes Ellert Eiríksson, to ask about the outstanding success they and their crew have achieved as Iceland’s top-catching fresher trawler for 2021, having landed 10,347 tonnes over the year with a catch value of ISK2.1 billion.

Controllable doors from Thyborøn


Trials carried out with the crew of Danish pelagic vessel Themis S-144 from Skagen in the week before Christmas, confirm that the latest trawl doors from Thyborøn look highly promising.

Pelagic trawling with DynIce Data netsounder cable


Owners of 110 fishing vessels around the world have bought DynIce sounder cable since 2015.

Versatile T90 Excluder separates pelagic catches


Danish fishing gear company Cosmos Trawl, part of the Hampiðjan Group, has designed and developed a new selectivity device that looks very promising.

‘This machine is pure genius’


‘This machine is pure genius. It went like a dream and the surprise was how quickly it was all done,’ said skipper Friðleifur Einarsson of Brim’s fresher trawler Helga María, and he was referring to Hampiðjan’s new mobile wire tensioning unit which is used to spool warps onto winch drums under constant tension.

Hampiðjan achieves ISO 14001 environmental certification


Over the last few years Hampiðjan has systematically worked on a number of aspects of environmental issues and the basis of this goes back to the company setting out its environmental policy.

Fish move faster down to the codend


‘I’m very happy with the new blue whiting trawl. My feeling is that it fishes better than other gears I’ve tried, and the main reason is that the belly is designed so that fish make their way more quickly down to the codend,’ said Albert Sveinsson, skipper of Brim’s pelagic vessel Víkingur.

Hampiðjan Offshore’s DynIce Warp sets a record


Research vessel Kaimei, operated by Jamstec (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), has set a record by drilling into the seabed at a greater depth than has even been done before.

Considerably better results with this new trawl than with our comparable older gear


Skipper Tómas Kárason of Beitir NK-123

Congratulations to Síldarvinnslan


Hampiðjan congratulates Síldarvinnslan and the crew of Börkur NK-122

Finnur Friði’s DynIce warps last five times longer than steel wire


‘We have been very satisfied with the DynIce warps from Hampiðjan ever since we first had a set in 2007.

Hampiðjan Offshore launches Terra Slings


The first 100% recyclable heavy lift sling for the offshore and onshore construction market.

Hampidjan Offshore are proud to announce the launch of TERRA slings.

Reducing waste and repurposing materials is key in managing the industries impact upon the environment and creating a future proof sustainable business model.

Hampiðjan the Expertise Company 2021


The Association of Business Managers and Economists (FVH) each year holds an event known as the Expertise Day, which is a blend of a conference and an awards ceremony.

Hampiðjan congratulates Samherji


Hampiðjan congratulates Samherji and the crew of the new Vilhelm Thorsteinsson EA-11

First purse seine repair job at Hampiðjan Neskaupstaður


Norwegian pelagic vessel Rav docked in Norðfjörður on Monday last week, with a badly damaged capelin purse seine

Hampidjan Offshore established


Back in 1994, Hampidjan sold its first super-rope to the oil industry, replacing a steel wire on a seismic vessel operated by PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services).

Big fish separator works perfectly


There are Icelanders involved in fisheries all around the world. Most recently the four officers on board factory trawler Gloria have been in touch.

50-year fishing gear adventure


Hampiðjan’s fishing gear development manager Guðmundur Gunnarsson recently retired after a 50-year career with the company during which he has been involved in producing fishing gear and in numerous developments, but there’s no doubt he is best known for designing the Gloría pelagic trawl,

Happy with the catch – happy with the gear


Pelagic vessel Sigurður docked in its home port in the Westman Islands last week for the first time since sailing on 24th July.

Super-strong Rockall blue whiting codend


Fishing companies are already gearing up for blue whiting in the new year. Last year, this fishery began in January, as insufficient capelin had been located to allocate a quota.

Cuxhaven spools tensioned warp onto all three winches


Cuxhaven company DFFU’s factory trawler Cuxhaven NC-100 arrived from Germany on 21st September and docked at the Skarfabakki quayside outside Hampiðjan’s net loft, bringing with it three drums of new trawl warp as deck cargo.

Jagger trawls – the obvious choice


Brim’s fresher trawler Viðey docked in Reykjavík this week with 180 tonnes on board after a five-day trip to Westfjords fishing grounds.

Pandalus trawl and T90 codend prove their worth on offshore shrimp


‘Let’s say that catches have been pretty good since the beginning of July. We’ve been landing 25 to 35 tonnes of shrimp per trip and have mostly been on the back leading eastwards from the Skagafjörður Deeps.

Hampiðjan staff complete annual beach clean-up


The beach clean-up organised by Hampiðjan, the company’s staff association and the Blue Army took place yesterday on the 29th August, with a 50-strong team of the company’s staff and family members joining in the annual event.

Seine nets don’t come smarter than this


‘These seine nets are pure genius, plus there has been heavy fishing all summer,’ said Stefán Egilsson, skipper of Thingeyri seine netter Egill.

Akurey’s seamless switch to twin-rigging


Fresher trawler Akurey has completed its second trip since a refit in which a third trawl winch and an additional set of sweepline winches were installed on board.

Better catch values, efficiency and safety with QuickLines


‘I’m very satisfied, and if anything, the results are beyond anything I had expected. Catch quality is better and the crew are quicker hauling and shooting than before.

Blue Army and Hampiðjan join forces


A co-operation agreement on clearing waste from Iceland’s beaches has been struck between Hampiðjan and the Blue Army.

Hampiðjan adds more experience


Jónas Thór Friðriksson has been appointed sales manager for Hampiðjan’s ropes and netting.

New netloft running at full speed


Hampiðjan’s magnificent new netloft in Neskaupstaður where work started on 23rd January this year is already a hive of activity.

Joining the Hampiðjan team – and sticking with tradition


Einar Pétur Bjargmundsson has been appointed Hampiðjan Ísland’s fishing gear sales manager, working alongside skipper Kristinn Gestsson and master fishing gear technologist Magnús Guðlaugsson.

Hampiðjan moves into new net loft in Neskaupstaður


‘A complete transformation of our working facilities.’
‘It might sound like a cliché, but the fact is that this new building represents a huge improvement.

Prima rope and netting


Two years ago we developed a new variety of super-rope under the Prima brand, and this has been welcomed by our customers as its popularity has grown rapidly.

Tanks visits are a key event


Flume tank trips becoming increasingly important, according to Hampiðjan’s Jón Oddur Davíðsson, commenting on the recent annual trip to Hirtshals

New catalogue and online sales


Hampiðjan’s catalogue of products for fishing and fishing gear production has never been broader than it is today, with many new products that have been developed in recent months.

Flume tank session held in Hirtshals


Hampiðjan Iceland's annual gathering at the North Sea Centre’s flume tank in Hirtshals is approaching fast.

Jagger – new demersal trawl design from Hampiðjan


A new version of the 88.40 metre Bacalao trawl that incorporates some key innovations has been performing well recently.

800-tonne first tow in brand-new Gloria trawl


‘This was our first tow with the new trawl and we certainly didn’t get off to a bad start. The flow of fish into the gear was so rapid that we only managed to tow for an hour, and when we hauled there were 800 tonnes in there,’ said Gísli Runólfsson, skipper of Bjarni Ólafsson, after he and his crew had one of the largest hauls of herring ever seen in Iceland for an hour’s tow.

Fantastic all-round bottom trawl


‘An all-round, low-maintenance trawl that catches well,’ said Víðir Jónsson, skipper of Kleifaberg, describing the T90 Hemmer trawl supplied by master netmaker Hermann H Guðmundsson and his team at Hampiðjan Akureyri.

Delighted with split codend


‘We have been using  this split codend from Hampiðjan since the spring and it has worked extremely well for us. The fish are alive and kicking as they drop down into the pounds where they are bled immediately.



Akurey’s skipper Eiríkur Jónsson has worked extensively with Hampiðjan’s fishing gear designers to come up with more efficient fishing gear, and Akurey has seen a number of new rigs on the deck.

Love at first sight


‘We’re really impressed with these new doors, and after testing them, both of us are convinced that we need to keep these. After a discussion with the company, the decision was taken to purchase the doors, so they’re staying with us,’

T90 codends on DynIce Quicklines perform well


‘Our experience of the T90 mackerel codend rigged on DynIce Quicklines has been very good and that applies to our fishing on both mackerel and herring.

All the fish come on board alive.


‘We got these new four-panel split codends in the autumn. Our experience with these has been very good. We used this type of codend a long time ago, but it was in 2013 that we first had this kind of codend in T90 netting.

Gloria trawls have served us well


‘It was probably in 1999 that we started to use Gloria trawls for fishing pelagic species and now we have four variant of this kind of trawl in our armoury of fishing gear.

Quad-rig technology for the fishing vessel of the future


There was plenty to see during the recent trip to Hirtshals organised by Hampiðjan which took a group of guests to the North Sea Centre’s flume tank.



This year Hampiðjan has concluded the acquisition of the entire shareholding of the daughter company Fjarðanet. The background to the acquisition is to establish all of Hampiðjan’s activities in Iceland into a single operation.

Another successful tank trip


‘The trip went very well and I reckon we can be sure that everyone was satisfied with how it worked out.

Economic fishing with new Thyborøn doors


A new semi-pelagic trawl door design from Danish producer Thyborøn Trawldoor looks highly promising.

Happy with the Hemmer


‘I’m very satisfied with the results after switching to the Hemmer demersal trawl.

Key platform for demonstrations and sharing ideas


Hampiðjan will be running its annual presentation of its own products as well as those of its partner companies at the North Sea Centre’s flume tank in Hirtshals from 28th to 30th of November this year.

Whole redfish fleet using Gloria pelagic gear


This all worked out very well. The Russian crew were quick to get to grips with the fishing gear.

First spadeful of earth for Fjarðanet’s new net loft


An important event in Fjarðanet’s history took place yesterday as the first spadeful of earth was taken for the company’s new net loft in the east coast fishing port of Neskaupstaður.

Hampiðjan strengthens its position on Canada’s east coast


The sale to the Hampiðjan Group has been concluded of Canadian fishing gear supplier North Atlantic Marine Services & Supply (NAMSS).

Salmon farming seeks new protein sources


That’s the message sent by Hampiðjan fishing gear designer Einar Skaftason at the Innovation Norway conference held in Bergen 6-8th March.

Saving time and effort


Every trawler crew knows the work that goes into spooling new warps onto the winch drums.

Innovations Award


Creditinfo yesterday presented Hampiðjan with an award specifically for innovation by an established company.

A quarter of a century of Hampiðjan’s flume tank trips


‘As always, the trip was very successful and those taking part were satisfied with the organisation, as well as with everything they got to see and hear.

Bringing a wealth of experience to the Hampiðjan team


Kristinn Gestsson, until recently skipper of HB Grandi’s freezer trawler Therney, has joined Hampiðjan’s fishing gear division in a sales position.

Jón Oddur Davíðsson, Hampiðjan’s new fishing gear sales director


Hampiðjan’s marketing and IT manager Jón Oddur Davíðsson has been appointed sales and marketing director of the company’s fishing gear division.



Hampiðjan sends fishing company Samherji and the crew of Björg EA-7 congratulations on the delivery of the magnificent new trawler, and to wish them every success in the future.

Delighted with the H-Toppur trawl, says Blængur’s skipper


New netting from Hampiðjan aimed at the market for trawl gear offers a host of advantages, and reports from trawler skippers who have been testing the new Advant netting have been positive.



Hampiðjan’s annual visit to the flume tank at the North Sea Center in Hirtshals to present the company’s fishing gear will take place from the 28th to the 2nd of December.

Hampiðjan sends fishing company Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa hf congratulations


Hampiðjan would like to send fishing company Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa and the crew of Kaldbakur EA-1 congratulations

Hampiðjan sends fishing company Samherji congratulations


Hampiðjan would like to send fishing company Samherji and the crew of Björgúlfur EA-312 congratulations

Delighted with the new mackerel gear


‘We’re on the way to Greenland,’ said Jón Axelsson, skipper of pelagic vessel Álsey VE-2 after landing 450 tonnes of large, top-quality mackerel in Thórshöfn last week.

Mekhanik Kovtun’s outstanding results with 1760XW Gloria and new T90 codend


Hampiðjan technical adviser Sæmundur Árnason has spent three weeks at sea on board catcher-processor Mekhanik Kovtun to keep a close eye on the gear during the trawler’s first trip with a new set of gear for targeting mackerel.

Skipper joins Hampiðjan team


Trawler skipper Sæmundur Árnason has joined Hampiðjan’s fishing gear division.

Married with three children, Sæmundur comes from Ólafsfjörður and has many years of experience as skipper and mate of trawlers, which has given him a great deal of insight into the use of both demersal and pelagic trawl gear.

Better selectivity with four-panel T90 codend


Tank tests

The ongoing co-operation between the Institute of Marine Research, HB Grandi and Hampiðjan into the effectiveness of T90 codends  rigged on QuickLines continued this spring. A codend in shrimp mesh sizes was assessed in the flume tank in Canada in association with the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Outstanding DynIce Warps


This weeks marks exactly ten years since trawler Vestmannaey was rigged with DynIce Warps to replace conventional steel wire warps. Skipper Birgir Thór Sverrisson says that the experience of using these warps has been outstandingly good, and while he remains in command, there is no chance that these will be switched for wire again.

Full trip – and no gear on board


Greenlandic pelagic vessel Qavak is now on its fourth trip on fishing grounds off Snæfellsnes. Its crew of fourteen is partly Icelandic, including skipper Gylfi Viðar Guðmundsson, who is one of the owners of Huginn VE-55 and skipper opposite  Guðmundur Huginn Guðmundsson.

Purse seining is best


Pelagic vessel Heimaey is now on its way to fishing grounds off Reykjanes  after discharging 2000 tonnes of capelin at Thórshöfn yesterday and today.

T90 codend boosts catch values


‘We were the first to try this codend out for Hampiðjan and it worked so well that we have used only T90 codends for mackerel and herring fishing over the last few years,’ said Albert Sveinsson, skipper of HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Víkingur.

Hampiðjan opens Murmansk office


Hampiðjan has now opened a sales office in Murmansk, with Sergei Kiselev appointed to manage sales of fishing gear from Hampiðjan and other companies within the group to Russian fishing companies, as well as handling servicing.

DKK217 million in ten months


Danish pelagic vessel Ruth docked in the Faroes at the end of last week with 2600 tonnes of mackerel valued at DKK20 million on  board.

Innovations presented during the annual tank trip


‘This trip went very well, as always,’ said Hampiðjan’s sales and marketing director Haraldur Árnason as the company’s twenty-fifth annual visit to the North Sea Centre’s flume tank in Hirtshals came to an end earlier this month.

Christmas greetings


Hampidjan would like to wish its customers and staff around the world best wishes for a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.



Colligo Marine is a big believer in using Hampidjan’s Dyneema products in the recreational marine industry. For over ten years now we have been using Dyneema for standing rigging and, more recently, for torsional cables. We have developed a complete line of hardware designed specifically for Hampidjan’s Dynice Dux and Furl cables.

Purse seine hotel booked up ten years ahead


A new 800 square metre purse seine hotel was opened a few days ago by Cosmos Trawl, Hampiðjan’s Danish daughter company.

Revolutionary new product – DynIce Power Warps


Over the last few years Hampiðjan has been continuing the development of its DynIce Warps by incorporating electric cables into the company’s new Power Warps.

A decade’s fantastic experience of DynIce Warps:


It’s ten years this month since Guðmundur Huginn Guðmundsson, skipper of Huginn VE 55, took delivery of 2 x 730 metres of 36mm DynIce Warps and tried them out fishing on the surface for mackerel and herring.

Warps spooled perfectly – for the first time ever


‘This is a vital piece of equipment and I don’t understand how we managed before,’ said Jón Valgeirsson, skipper of Westmann Islands trawler Bergey VE 544.

‘We’ve taken new warps on board hundreds of time before, but this is the first time they have been spooled exactly right onto the drums. It makes a huge difference and everything has worked perfectly.’

Westman Islands netloft expansion underway


Hampiðjan’s Westmann Islands branch opened in March this year and began trading in April, with everything required for maintaining fishing gear, as well as a product range that includes lifting equipment, protective gear and survival suits.

Westman Islands net loft ready this summer


There has been rapid progress on this since Danish crew arrived in the Islands and started erecting the steel frame of the building.

Grading live juveniles out while towing


Trawl trials on redfish with a T90 codend supplied by Fjardanet in Akureyri, which is part of the Hampidjan Group, have already produced promising  results. The codend appears to filter out small redfish in significant amounts and the results look to be similar to those obtained by the Marine Research Institute to separate out small cod while trawling off western Iceland.

New 3072 metre Gloria trawl works like a dream on dispersed redfish


The skipper reports that the new 3072 metre Gloria redfish trawl works like a dream, especially on dispersed fish, and he was fishing better than others in the same area.

DynIce® Winch Warp, the steel-like fibre rope


There is a constant demand for lightweight, cost-effective solutions in the offshore oil and gas sector, according to  Davíd Waage, sales and marketing director at Hampidjan’s offshore and seismic division.

‘There’s a relentless pursuit of opportunities in deeper water and being able to mobilise sophisticated, lightweight equipment is crucial in deployment and recovery operations in the offshore oil and gas field.

Successful 2016 Brussels show


Hampiðjan’s staff have been working through the many enquiries they received during the company’s attendance at the International Seafood Exposition in Brussels from 26th to 28th of April. According to sales and marketing director Haraldur Árnason, it was a good exhibition and taking part in it was a worthwhile exercise that met all of their expectations.

Trawl technology innovation from Hampidjan daughter company


New pelagic vessel Ruth HG-264 was delivered recently to owners Rederiet Ruth in Hirtshals, Denmark. The purser-trawler is 87.80 metres overall with a 16.60 metre beam and was built at the Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen, the first of its kind completed with three winches to tow twin trawl gear.

Hampiðjan netloft opens in the Westmann Islands


Earlier this month work began at Hampidjan’s new net loft in the Westmann Islands. The workshop is located at Kleifar 6, and the building also includes a shop. At present the building has a 400 square metre floor space, but once this coming summer’s expansion has been concluded, it will expand to 1100 square metres.



Hampiðjan’s annual visit to the flume tank at the North Sea Center in Hirtshals to present the company’s fishing gear will take place from the 6th to the 9th of December.

Hampidjan to exhibit at Boston


Hampidjan is taking part in the Seafood Expo North America and Seafood Processing North America event taking place in Boston from the 6th to 8th of March, where we will be presenting our activities and products.

Record trip for Tai An


Sigurgeir Pétursson, skipper of factory trawler Tai An, has another successful trip behind him in the Southern Ocean after docking last week at Ushuaia, Argentina’s most southerly port after 56 days at sea. The ungutted catch weight for the trip was 7100 tonnes.

Congratulations on the new Beitir NK-123


The day before Christmas Eve saw the arrival of a magnificent new vessel as an addition to the Síldarvinnslan fleet as the new Beitir NK-123 arrived at its new home port in Neskaupstadur. Beitir was open to the public on Sunday 27th of December.

Víkingur AK-100, HB Grandi’s new pelagic vessel


‘HB Grandi’s magnificent new pelagic vessel, Víkingur, which docked in Iceland before Christmas, has everything that Hampidjan can offer on board,’ said Hampidjan’s sales and marketing director Haraldur Árnason.

More than 70 guests for Hampidjan flume tank trip


‘We had an unusually large group this time  with around 70 guests from ten countries. It’s clear that there is plenty of interest in Hampidjan’s products and the trip was highly successful,’

Even sizes and better quality


According to research carried out by fishery scientist Haraldur Einarsson into the selectivity of T90 codends rigged using Hampidjan’s Quicklines, the advantages are considerable when compared to conventional two-panel codends.

No doubt about DynIce warps


‘We have used Hampidjan’s DynIce warps since 2009 and I can say that we have more experience than anyone in using these. It has been conclusively shown that these warps are a better option in financial terms than wire, and that’s just one of the advantages,’

A feast in the codend


We can say that the crew of Sturlaugur H Bödvarsson were rewarded with a feast on board recently when Hampidjan’s fishing gear development manager Gudmundur Gunnarsson paid them a visit before the trawler sailed from Reykjavík, bringing with him a buffet of cakes for the crew.

Hampidjan’s flume tank trip, 9th-11th December 2015


Hampidjan will be running its customary annual trip to the flume tank at the North Sea Centre in Hirtshals between the 9th and 11th of December. This has been a high point of the Hampidjan calendar for many years.

Successful Danfish exhibition in Aalborg


‘We’re very satisfied with the exhibition, and as far as I’m concerned, this has been the best one yet. An estimated 14,000 people attended this year and a quarter of those came from other countries.

Hampidjan selected to the First North 25 stock index


Proud to announce that Hampidjan has been selected as the only Icelandic representative in the new First North 25 stock index. Ideal opportunity for a quick photo of the....

DynIce Data video online


A new video is now online that clearly demonstrates the advantages of using DynIce Data sounder cable compared to conventional steel cable.

Innovations on show at Danfish


Hampidjan partner companies Cosmos Trawl and Nordsø Trawl are both among participants in this year’s Danfish International fisheries exhibition taking place in Aalborg, presenting their services and a number of Hampidjan’s innovations.

DynIce Warps video now online


A video is now available showing in an informal and clear way just where the advantages of DynIce Warps lie in comparison to

Mekhanik S Agapov’s success with Gloria HS1600


Mekhanik S Agapov, the magnificent new pelagic vessel owned by Russian fishing company Robinzon, has shown some outstanding results recently fishing for mackerel in international waters with a new Gloría HS1600 trawl from Hampidjan.

New Nordsø Trawl net loft in Thyborøn


A magnificent new net loft has been built at Thyborøn in Denmark and was formally opened last week with guests invited to see look over the new building.

New Gloria 1760-4 Wide attracting attention


Hampidjan’s new design Gloria pelagic trawls have been successfully catching mackerel. The latest version is the 1760-4 Wide and this was used by four pelagic vessels last year.

Thyborøn’s adjustable doors


A new type of trawl door from Thyborøn in Denmark is now in use in Iceland and Greenland.

Hampidjan’s new recruits


Einar Skaftason and Guðbjartur Thórarinsson have recently joined Hampidjan in management roles.

Venus NS-150 – The most advanced fishing gear from Hampidjan


HB Grandi’s new multi-role pelagic vessel, Venus, has been fitted out with the most advanced fishing gear technology we have to offer at Hampidjan,’ said Haraldur Árnason, the company’s sales and marketing director.

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