DynIce Heliline

Specially designed DynIce helicopter lifting lines to replace conventional steel lifting slings. The lightness and softness of the lifting lines improves safety in use and ease lifting operations. The DynIce Heliline is non-conductive and spark free.

There are two basic types available in DynIce Heliline Compact and DynIce Heliline Canvas. Both lines are spliced at both ends and delivered with stainless steel thimbles.

The DynIce Heliline Compact is coverbraided with tight and durable Dyneema® cover impregnated with glow-in-the-dark pigments for better visibility during night work.

DynIce Heliline Canvas is protected with strong canvas in bright red colour. The canvas can be opened over the whole length to inspect the rope inside and place various control cables inside if needed.

Both types of DynIce Heliline rope can be delivered in storage bags clearly marked with the type.

The lines are proof loaded and delivered with certificates.

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